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Cemetery: St. Rose Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Armbruster, Catherine 11/30/1876
Armbruster, Catherine 01/27/1873
Armbruster, Edmund 02/01/1873
Armbruster, Edwin 01/04/1976
Armbruster, Eugene A. 09/04/1890
Armbruster, Frances Hope 02/15/2012
Armbruster, Frank 09/23/1954
Armbruster, Frank 02/20/1873
Armbruster, Joseph 02/11/1919
Armbruster, Lillian 01/03/1925
Armbruster, Mary 11/22/1988
Armbruster, Matilda 00/00/1920
Armbruster, Raymond 10/27/1966
Armbruster, Rose M. 08/12/1968
Armbruster, William 03/04/1924
Armbrustet, Elizabeth 03/24/1905
Armstrong, Agnes B. 09/17/1993
Arthur, Marion A. 03/19/1972
Arthur, Scott Charles 02/28/1967
Aubry, Harold A. 09/10/1988
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